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13 March 2023

Australian hot water treatment study provides advancements for global mango trade

Researchers have discovered how to use hot water treatment to meet market entry protocols for fruit fly disinfestation in Australian...

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13 October 2011

Australians should be aware of overseas drug laws

Indonesia should be able to exercise its sovereign right to law enforcement without a public outcry by neighbouring states, according...

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15 January 2016
Megan Owen-Jones is the third generation in her family to study at Griffith. Pictured with father William Owen-Jones and grandmother Margaret Owen-Jones.

Megan continues the Owen-Jones legacy

Megan Owen-Jones will be the third generation of her family to study at Griffith University.

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10 October 2022

Taking a biochemical snapshot of sea turtle health

New Griffith research is using biochemical profiles from the blood of sea turtles as a tool to monitor the health of populations in the wild

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9 August 2022

Teeth hold valuable clues for understanding ancient climates and evolutionary processes

Increasing climate variability has been implicated as a driving force for the origins of our species (Homo sapiens) over 300,000 years ago,...

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27 July 2021
Parliament House, Canberra

SDG 16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

SDG 16 aims to build strong and just institutions in support of peaceful and inclusive societies around the world by 2030. It promotes the rule of law, transparency, accountability, good governance, and ensuring equal access to justice and strengthening human rights.

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5 May 2021
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2 October 2019
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30 October 2015
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7 August 2015

Celebrating 40 years of teaching

40-year anniversary celebrations at Griffith will be in full swing on Open Day.

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