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4 April 2024

New Discovery Unravels Malaria Invasion Mechanism

In a significant breakthrough, researchers from the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH) and Griffith University’s Institute for...

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17 February 2023

Sugars help to crack the ovarian cancer code

Griffith University researchers are making inroads in ovarian cancer research looking at early detection signs and how the disease spreads through the body.

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15 December 2022
Workshop attendees in a group photo

Environmental Politics under Authoritarian Rule: activism, policy and governance

Dr Ellie Martus, Centre for Governance and Public Policy Griffith University, and Associate Professor Fengshi Wu, University of New South...

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24 November 2022

The Honourable Anna Bligh AC joins forces with Griffith University to fight malaria

Griffith University, the Institute for Glycomics and Rotary are thrilled to announce The Honourable Anna Bligh AC will become the inaugural National Ambassador for its Malaria Vaccine Project.

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30 August 2022
Ovarian cancer research

Sugar modifications the key to unlocking ovarian cancer secrets

The ability to identify unique sugars that decorate ovarian cancer cells could help prevent the spread of cancer and improve treatment options for women.

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10 May 2022
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23 March 2022

Griffith University researchers lead human trials for malaria vaccine

The Institute for Glycomics’ malaria vaccine researchers are one step closer to human trials for a malaria vaccine that can be freeze-dried.

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24 February 2022

Exercise trial aims to help women with recurrent ovarian cancer

Griffith University researchers are conducting a world-leading trial assessing the role of exercise as therapy for women with recurrent ovarian cancer

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21 October 2021

Researchers develop broad-spectrum malaria vaccine

Broad-spectrum malaria vaccine can be freeze-dried making it suitable for deployment into malaria-endemic countries.

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14 June 2021

Mutations, variants and strains? A guide to COVID-19 terminology

Living through a global pandemic over the past year has seen all of us expanding our vocabularies. We now understand terms like PPE, social distancing and contact tracing. But just when perhaps we thought we had a handle on most of the terminology, we’re faced with another set of new words: mutation, variant and strain.

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