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2 November 2020

Apple seeds India for future iPhone growth

As Apple prepares to launch its biggest and smallest flagship iPhone, India has emerged as a critical market for the tech giant.

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26 February 2020

Fellowship trip to Big Apple set to benefit Logan learners

Two-time Griffith alumnus Jasmine Kassulke is using skills she picked up in the Big Apple to provide Logan's next generation with better quality design education.

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15 August 2017

‘Don’t Be a Bad Apple’ — Griffith Film School animations highlight community issues

Young people in Logan City leading discussions and action towards ending gender-based violence in their region, have teamed up with Griffith Film School (GFS) to produce a series of animated clips that challenge harmful behaviours in relationships.

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16 February 2015
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19 June 2014
GBS Pro Vice Chancellor, Professor Michael Powell joined by Mr Jeremy Cooper, Ms Danielle Press and Professor Michael E. Drew at the GCPFS launch.

Centre grapples with funding retirement

The launch of Griffith’s Centre for Personal Finance and Superannuation (GCPFS) comes at a time when Australians are weighing up the potential implications of the country’s newly established retirement age of 70.

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26 February 2024
Identity Theft

Money muling, sextortion and scams

In Australia, scams like money muling and sextortion are on the rise, with millions affected annually. Professor Andreas Chai is encouraging governments to seriously facilitate solutions including implementing identity resilience strategies, regulating online platforms, and educating students to prevent victimisation.

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22 January 2024
Hot Fiery Sun

The escalating human toll of extreme heat

Global heatwaves are causing severe human suffering, with vulnerable populations facing escalating risks. Urgent questions arise about mobility, decent work, health access, homelessness, mental health, and essential services during extreme heat says Professor Susan Harris Rimmer.

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9 August 2023

Australia’s leading research and environment organisations call for major reform at 2023 Right to Repair Summit

Griffith University, Ewaste Watch Institute, Clean Up Australia and the Australian Repair Network are calling for essential reforms that will...

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12 May 2023
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29 March 2023

Navigating Artificial Intelligence with Toby Walsh

In this instalment of Griffith University’s Better Future for All series, journalist Kerry O’Brien explores the future and impact of AI with leading global thinker Professor Toby Walsh.

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