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19 December 2012
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5 May 2023
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19 January 2023

Griffith University welcomes new Professor of Practice — Disaster Management

Griffith University’s disaster management credentials have been boosted following the appointment of renowned expert Professor Iain MacKenzie to the role of Professor of Practice — Disaster Management.

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14 July 2022
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3 May 2022
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9 July 2018

Changing our endangered relationship with wildlife

We are in the midst of a mass extinction crises. We are losing entire species at an unprecedented rate, and we - us humans - are to blame.

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19 May 2016
Adrian Wilkinson

The future of management – how managers are managed?

Little research exists about how managers themselves are managed despite significant and ongoing changein the context of their work in...

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17 May 2016
By offsetting its carbon footprint, the Griffith MBA is supporting an endangered Orangutan in Indonesia.

MBA backs endangered orangutans through carbon offset

Griffith MBA offsets its carbon footprint by helping save endangered orangutans, as well as reducing its own carbon emissions by 67 tonnes.

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5 June 2024
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4 June 2024
Cruel Summer

Hot weather increases risk of emergency hospitalisations for patients with multimorbidity

Australians are no strangers to long, hot summers, but new Griffith University research has looked at the impact of hot...

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