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25 July 2019

Free exercise trials address osteoporotic fractures in ageing population

Researchers offer free trials to help reduce burden of osteoporotic fractures in older women.

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16 May 2013

Ageing Population Not a Worry: Academic

Prof Ross Guest speaks with Fiji Live about the demographic changes taking place in Fiji.   You can read the...

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30 August 2012

Time to put brakes on population growth

Australia needs to control its population growth if it is to have a sustainable future, writes Emeritus Professor Ian Lowe

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30 October 2015

The problem of Parkinson’s disease

Dr Tien Kheng Khoo from the Menzies Institute of Health Queensland discusses one of the growing concerns for Australia’s ageing population.

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26 June 2015

A feral attitude towards people with dementia?

The political, economic, medical and societal implications of Australia's ageing population have received plenty of media coverage. However, in some areas the nature of that coverage is becoming of concern, particularly regarding the attitudes towards dementia.

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22 April 2024
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1 February 2021

Employment for older workers on the agenda at APEC

Older workers may be hit hardest by the financial impact of the COVID pandemic, according to a Griffith University adult...

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7 November 2019
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21 October 2019

Study aims to develop self-compassion tool for carers

Griffith University researchers are looking for people to take part in a study on self-compassion for carers of older adults.

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9 September 2019
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