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19 December 2013

Cloaks reinforce cultural identity

Two Indigenous artists from the Griffith University Queensland College of Art have collaborated to produce contemporary versions of the traditional...

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21 July 2015

Celebrating Australian Blak History

An exhibition exploring Aboriginal identity has opened featuring artworks from QCA students to tie in with Australian Blak History Month.

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26 February 2016
Participants in the Kungullanji Indigenous Summer Research Symposium - Jordyn Godfrey, Estin Hunter, Leah Henderson, Breanna Johnston, Trishiko King, Penelope Henain, Eden Little, Jamie Penny, Summer Coffison, Dhayne thomas, and Julia-Rose Satre.

Indigenous students’ research projects making a difference

Curing chronic neck pain through virtual reality perception; exploring the link between urban Aboriginal male identity and health and evaluating...

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5 April 2024

What I learned from Taring Padi

Taring Padi is an artistic collective based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The group is prominent for their portrayal of the people’s...

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2 June 2023

Intimate partner violence and coercive control

Changes in policy responses provides an opportunity to rethink and redesign how systems respond to coercive control, with a focus on ensuring systems are just.

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23 February 2023
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15 February 2023
Toby Walsh

From the heart with Rachel Perkins

Acclaimed filmmaker and producer Rachel Perkins is best known for her work promoting and showcasing Indigenous stories and culture through film and television. But, born into a culture of Indigenous activism, her reach and impact extend well beyond the screen.

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21 September 2022
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19 January 2022

First Nations students design ‘Joey’ mission patches

Griffith and Gilmour Space Technologies have announced the winners of a mission patch design competition for ‘Joey’ — a small satellite bus demonstrator that will launched into space in 2022.

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26 November 2021
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