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23 February 2022
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27 February 2024
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23 August 2023
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26 February 2021

Rewards for outstanding contributions to student learning

Severalhighly regarded Griffith educators have been awarded Citations for OutstandingContributions to Student Learning in the 2020Australian Awards for University Teachinground.

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25 February 2020

Griffith science educator receives major UA Teaching Award

A pioneer in Australian STEM education and passionate advocate of science outreach has been recognised at the annual Universities Australia...

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24 October 2019
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7 August 2019

International awards acknowledge health researchers

Helping society’s most vulnerable — those suffering dementia and sick children are the hallmarks of two leading Griffith University nursing researchers.

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27 June 2019

No sweat – tattoos don’t affect sweat or salt loss

Heavily inked people can stay cool — concerns thattattoos compromisesweat rates and raisesodium losses during exercise have been eased followinga new study from Griffith University.

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26 February 2019

Australian University Teacher of the Year inspires next generation of mathematics teachers

Inspirational mathematics educator Dr Kevin Larkin has been named Universities Australia 2018 Australian University Teacher of the Year.

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21 August 2018

Griffith teachers among nation’s finest

The university is home to a number of academic teachers who have been recognised for outstanding contributions to the quality of student learning over the past several years.

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