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12 December 2017

3D technology brings history to life

AQueensland College of ArtPhD candidate is using cutting-edge 3D technology to preserve the country's oldest human footprints.

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6 October 2016
Engineering student Monique Quirk

Drones, 3D scanning technology and bridges — it’s all in a day’s work for Monique

Monique Quirk has been investigating the use of drones and laser scanning technology to monitor the integrity of bridges in...

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3 December 2021

Digital Athlete shaping up as future of sports technology

Griffith University biomechanical researchers have produced what could be the ultimate coaching tool for elite sport - a next-generation ‘Digital Athlete’ that replicates an individual’s anatomy, both inside and out.

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24 January 2020

Honours graduate empowers anxiety-sufferers through 3D-printed jewellery

Design graduate Benny Lai recently completed his Honours research project at the Queensland College of Art (QCA), creating self-empowering jewellery for individuals living with anxiety.

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10 October 2017

Sport technology experts share innovations

The most important sport engineering conference in the world is coming to Brisbane. Timed with the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth...

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29 September 2017
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30 March 2016

Griffith uses 3D tissue engineering to revolutionise dental disease

The discomfort and stigma of loose or missing teeth could be a thing of the past as Griffith University researchers pioneer the use of 3D bioprinting to replace missing teeth and bone.

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9 February 2016
Griffith School of Engineering PhD candidate Chris Little will use 3D scanning to solve the mysteries around WWI German tank known as Mephisto.

3D scanning helps solve World War I mystery

What happened to the German tank known as Mephisto has been scrutinised for almost 100 years, but PhD candidate Chris Little believes his research may help put an end to the speculation.

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24 November 2015

Consumer safety threats posed by 3D printing

As 3D printing opens up a new world of opportunities it also brings with it the possibility of many new...

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23 November 2015

Embrace 3D printing or be left behind

Worldwide specialists will converge in Brisbane this week to present the latest trends in 3D printing and to identify how the changing landscape will impact Australian businesses.

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