Design graduate Benny Lai recently completed his Honours research project at the Queensland College of Art (QCA), creating self-empowering jewellery for individuals living with anxiety.

“The project is based around reducing stigma through self-help techniques for anxiety disorders. It uses jewellery to change the perception of anxiety from something that is commonly feared to something that can be overcome,” he said.

Benny wanted to extend his studies to Honours to challenge himself and grow as a designer.

“This project constantly pushed me into learning new programs and skills to develop my work further, as well as progressing my personal skillset as a designer.”

He utilised the facilities and equipment available at the Queensland College of Art to create jewellery which is generated through a recording of the user’s voice, creating unique, one-off designs.

Benny Chung-Hang Lai, YANA Prototype, 2019. 3D Printed Nylon.

“The 3d printing facilities at ADaPT 1.0 were thoroughly used to quickly prototype and refine different designs.”

ADaPT brings together multi-disciplinary expertise across Griffith University, in collaboration with industry partners, to push the boundaries in advanced custom design, rapid prototyping and new materials.

With advanced design at its centre and collaboration at its core, ADaPT combines leading-edge expertise in micro and nanoscience, complex imaging, 3D digital scanning, 3D functional modelling, bioengineering, industrial design, big data analytics, artificial intelligence and specialist expertise in designing advanced manufacturing processes.

ADaPT is equipped with extensive 3D printing technologies including multiple metal, polymer and bio printing capabilities.

In addition to the cutting-edge technology and learning opportunities, Benny describes the level of access to expert staff as the “best thing about studying at QCA.”

“With such a wide range of expertise in all creative fields, being able to find advice for your specific needs is extremely beneficial,” he said.

Benny is excited about the future of 3D printing and advanced manufacturing and will be commencing postgraduate study this year.

“My time at QCA has grounded my passion for industrial design and has led me to starting my PhD in 2020.”

Under the supervision of experts in your field, studying Honours at QCA will help you to develop advanced levels of studio practice, theory and research; move into employment with significant expertise in your field or progress to further postgraduate study; enhance and grow your creative community and network within your area of expertise.

Applications to study Honours close 31 January 2020. Contact the Honours Program Director, Dr Lorraine Marshalsey for further information.