Creating a Brighter Future for All

Marcus Ward, Vice Chancellor (Advancement) at the launch of the Campaign to Create a Brighter Future for All
Marcus Ward, Vice President (Advancement) at the launch of the Campaign to Create a Brighter Future for All

Griffith University has set an ambitious goal of raising $125 million to allow its research, education and engagement to have an even greater impact, benefiting those who need it most.

The Campaign to Create a Brighter Future for All aims to strengthen and deepen the partnership between alumni and current students and researchers, and demonstrate the cumulative impact they make to the university and wider community.

Griffith Vice Chancellor and President Professor Carolyn Evans
Griffith Vice Chancellor and President Professor Carolyn Evans

Vice Chancellor and President Professor Carolyn Evans said Griffith was founded almost 50 years ago with a mandate to do things differently and seize opportunities, and this remains true today.

“We partner with industry, government, community groups and international organisations to solve the most pressing issues of our time,” she said.

“We work with a space company to launch satellites, with charities and hospitals to cure spinal cord injuries, with a major bank to tackle financial crime, with a performing arts centre to train the next generation of actors, with schools to improve literacy and with Traditional Owners to preserve rock art, and all over the world, we work with our diverse and talented alumni who are striving to make a difference in their communities.

“Now we are looking for people to provide life-changing scholarships, support transformative research and ensure Griffith grows in strength in coming decades, because together, we can create a brighter future for all.”

The university has identified five key philanthropic priorities, seeking to achieve a positive impact through various partnerships, including:
• Transformative Education for All
• Healthier Lives for All
• A Thriving Environment for All
• A Resilient Asia-Pacific for All
• Strong Communities and Societies for All

Chief Executive Officer of The Clem Jones Group and Campaign Chair Peter Johnstone said he was looking forward to Chairing the Campaign Council and the challenges ahead.

“I’ve been inspired by stories from some sensational researchers doing amazing work across the Griffith campuses, in medical research in particular,” he said.

“This campaign is all about the future — it’s an investment in the future and future researchers working on solving some of the world’s biggest problems including cancer, spinal cord regeneration and environmental causes.”

Griffith maintains a vision that students who might otherwise not be able to consider attending university due to financial hardship or educational disadvantage, are able to come study in their chosen field and continue into meaningful careers.

The Brighter Futures Scholarship helps deserving recipients cover their tuition fees, living expenses and other related costs, reducing financial barriers and allowing them to focus on their studies.

This support is key to empowering students to reach their full potential and make positive impacts in their communities.

Torren Murada
2023 Brighter Futures Scholarship recipient Torren Murada

Bachelor of Electronic Engineering (Hons) student Torren Murada was the recipient of a 2023 Brighter Futures Scholarship and expressed his deep appreciation for the financial support.

“I come from a broken home and was therefore raised by my grandparents, but with my grandmother sadly passing to cancer a while ago and my grandfather now battling severe heart failure among other illnesses, I am now his full-time carer,” he said.

“This scholarship will really help alleviate financial struggles for me, covering petrol for the commute from New South Wales to the Gold Coast each day, uni supplies and setting up a home laboratory.”

With a vast array of study areas and pathways, many of Griffith’s researchers are drawn to areas and populations that are underserved including Indigenous communities, those with disability or health problems, and those suffering from diseases prevalent in the developing world.

David and Elga Dyer donated to the Griffith Autism Centre for Excellence (ACE) two years ago, aiming to further research in adult autism and in helping families, teachers and carers to better understand and support autistic people.

This donation has already funded workshops delivered by ACE to more than 500 parents and teachers across Queensland and New South Wales.

“I could not be more pleased with our experience so far,” Ms Dyer said.

“The inaugural scholarship recipient, Louise White, has been outstanding, including us as part of her journey and appointing our son Michael as her research consultant.

“Michael has been so proud to take part and has indeed gained a real sense of worth.

“In fact, David and I have also felt an unanticipated sense of worth and been humbled by the manner in which we have been welcomed into the ‘Griffith Family’.”

The Campaign also aims to engage 100,000 alumni with increased opportunities for volunteering, mentoring and networking so everyone in the Griffith community has a chance to get involved, make a difference and inspire future students.

If you are an individual or organisation looking to bring about positive and lasting change in the world with a charitable partner that guarantees 100 per cent of your gift will be used to make a difference to your cause, Griffith would be delighted to hear from you.

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