Griffith welcomes Ambassador of Uruguay to discuss intergenerational practice

(L-R) Professor Peter Binks (Vice President of Engagement, Griffith University) Professor Ruth McPhail (Dean of Engagement Griffith Business School), Her Excellency the Ambassador of Uruguay, Dianela Pi, and members of the Australian Institute for Intergenerational Practice, Emeritus Professor Anneke Fitzgerald, Associate Professor Jennifer Cartmel, Dr Katrina Radford and Dr Gaery Barbery. (Photo supplied)

Griffith University was delighted to host Her Excellency the Ambassador of Uruguay, Dianela Pi at their Nathan campus on Tuesday 24 May.

Round table discussionGriffith University was represented by Professor Peter Binks, Vice President of Engagement, Professor Fabrizio Carmignani, Pro Vice Chancellor of Griffith Business School, and the Dean of Engagement GBS, Professor Ruth McPhail, along with members of the Australian Institute of Intergenerational Practice (AIIP) Emeritus Professor Anneke Fitzgerald, Associate Professor Jennifer Cartmel, Dr Katrina Radford and Dr Gaery Barbery.

Stemming from research conducted at Griffith University from 2015-2020, AIIP was established as a not-for-profit organisation to improve the health and wellbeing of younger and older persons through intergenerational programs and activities.

The Ambassador approached the Griffith intergenerational research team after viewing the award-winning ABC series “Old People’s Home For 4 Year Old’s”.

Having worked at the United Nations on human rights for the aged, Her Excellency was very enthusiastic about learning more about intergenerational practice here in Australia.

Emeritus Professor Anneke Fitzgerald who was project lead on the Griffith research and is currently Chair of the AIIP Board said the meeting was a great opportunity for the AIIP team to present to Her Excellency as well as Griffith colleagues on the research that has been conducted at Griffith in intergenerational practice to date.

“It is so good to see the interest and enthusiasm growing beyond our borders and experience the same passion within the Uruguayan childcare, aged care and university communities.”

Within Uruguay, there is a strong interest in developing intergenerational practice from both a research and practice perspective. Her Excellency was very appreciative of the Griffith team’s passion and discussions led to how Griffith University might work with universities in Uruguay to develop research in this field. She said they have lined up an Aged Care centre, Childcare centre and a private university in Montevideo. They are all very enthused about the opportunity to work with the Griffith team and roll out intergenerational practices in their country.

“We are working hard to make intergenerational practice the norm in Australia and we welcome the opportunity to work with researchers in Uruguay.”

Professor Binks said that Griffith is very interested and will explore a research relationship with universities in Montevideo.

“The successes gained by the team to date are very impressive.”

To find out more about the work that is being done in intergenerational practice in Australia, visit the AIIP website at