Griffith University experts can offer insight and analysis on the 2022-23 federal budget and what various inclusions mean for everyday Australians.

To arrange an interview or comment, please contact Griffith’s Media Team via [email protected] or call (07) 3735 1008.

Professor Fabrizio Carmignani – Economy

Professor Fabrizio Carmignani is Dean (Academic) at Griffith Business School. He can comment on a range of issues, from overall macroeconomic frameworks to tax policy, the underlying surplus/deficit, implications for debt accumulation, implications of spending decisions for short-term recovery and long-term growth, equality and distribution.

Professor Alex Robson – Economy

Professor Robson can comment on all aspects economic policy. Professor Robson is Deputy Chair, Productivity Commission and was previously Australian Ambassador to the OECD, Chief Economist for the Australian Prime Minister and Associate Partner at EY.

Professor Patrizio Tirelli

Professor Tirelli is an expert in monetary and fiscal policy, is available to speak on the overall federal budget strategy.

Associate Professor Andreas Chai – Economy

Associate Professor Chai is Head of the Department of Accounting, Finance and Economics at Griffith Business School. He can provide comment on how the budget will address cost of living pressures and help the economy adapt to post-COVID-19 conditions.

Professor Matthew Burke – Transport

Professor Matthew Burke is Deputy Director of the Cities Research Institute and leader of Griffith’s transport research team. He can provide expert comment and analysis of key transport infrastructure proposals (roads, rail, public transport) and any new transport policies (changes to fuel excise, novated leasing, fuel tax credits, road pricing).

Associate Professor Parvinder Kler – Unemployment and Childcare

Associate Professor Kler, a researcher of labour economics, can provide insight into how the budget will affect unemployment among different groups (i.e. by gender, age, regions vs urban areas) and whether it would improve the labour force participation rate.

Professor Patrick O’Leary – Domestic Violence

Professor O’Leary is an internationally recognised researcher with significant expertise in domestic violence and gender-based violence. He is available to comment on how the budget will impact victims of domestic violence.

Professor David Ellwood – Women’s Health

Professor Ellwood, Head of the School of Medicine and Dentistry, is a Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology and can speak on investments made in the budget for women’s health.

Professor Susan Harris Rimmer – Women / Climate Change

Professor Susan Harris Rimmer is Director of Griffith’s Policy Innovation Hub and co-convenor of Griffith Gender Equality Research Network. She can also speak about how the budget has addressed climate change.

Dr Katrina Radford – Aged Care

Dr Radford can speak on how the aged care sector can better retain and support workers to maximise productivity and improve workplace performance. She can also comment on the implications the budget will have for the aged care workforce.

Dr Paul Williams – Politics

Well-known political strategist and commentator Dr Williams can provide political analysis of the 2022-23 budget, including how it will affect the results of the upcoming federal election.

Professor Andrew O’Neil – Defence and National Security

Professor O’Neil is a political scientist and can speak on defence and national security spending in the budget, in the wake of the Russia-Ukraine conflict and increasing tensions with China in the Asia-Pacific.

Professor Brett Freudenberg – Tax breaks

Professor Freudenberg is a taxation expert who can speak about potential tax breaks and the implications for high, middle and low income earners.

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