Queensland Conservatorium alumnus tops ARIA charts 

Bluey composer and Bachelor of MusicgraduateJoffBush hastopped the ARIA charts with his soundtrack to thehit TV series.

Ithas become the first children’s music album to hit number one in Australia, beating out international artists like Taylor Swift and Harry Styles.

The album also climbed to number five in the US charts, reflectingBluey’spopularity around the globe.

Created during COVID lockdowns last year,thealbumfeatures 17 compositions from the show’s first series, including an extended version of the iconic theme tune.

Joffsaidit had been a surprise to see thealbumtop the charts around the world.

“I’m really shocked,”the Queensland Conservatorium alumnussaid.

“It’s great to know that a bunch of people love theshow and the music.

“To write something that feels like it’s a part of you and for that to be so loved is the most satisfying thing.

Joffwrites half the Bluey soundtrack himselfandheadsa team of composers who undertake the mammoth task of providing music for the 52 episodes each season.

“Each episode has its own unique score and style, and the team behind Bluey are brilliant storytellers, I’m lucky to be part of this world they’ve created,” he said.

“We use a lot of live music in the show, and many of the musicians are actually old friends from the Con — people like Chris Pearson on bass and Youka Snell on violin, who I’ve been friends withsincefirst year uni.”

Joffhas been credited with introducing a new generation to classical music — incorporating arrangements ofpieces by Mozart, Holst, Bach and Beethoveninto the Bluey soundtrack.

“I love that music and it’s nice to take it out of an elitist environment and show how great these tunes are,” he said.

The award-winning ABC TV series is made in Brisbane by a team of creatives from Griffith Film School, including series creator Joe Brumm and executive producer Daley Pearson.

It is ABC TV’s most downloaded show and has been licensed worldwide by Disney+ and the BBC.