Bolstering employability by developing transversal skills and attributes that employers are seeking in graduate applicants, Dahlia Bar is currently completing a Remote Global Internship with the Australian Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong (AustCham) as part of the Griffith Asia Business Internship (GABI) Program, a 20 credit point Griffith Asia Institute elective course delivered during Trimester 3.

Dahlia is among 29 Griffith Business School students currently attaining Global Work Integrated Learning (WIL) experiences by participating in the GABI Program and remotely working with host organisations based in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea and Malaysia. Example internship placements include ANZ, AustCham, Boron Molecular, Crossroads Foundation, Dale Carnegie Training and Trade and Investment Queensland (TIQ).

Participation in the Global WIL experience for Dahlia, a Gold Coast based International Business and Government and International Relations student, is supported by New Colombo Plan virtual mobility funding. Defined within the Asia-Pacific region, GABI aims to increase industry, cultural and language experience, while fostering professional networking opportunities. Dahlia shares her motivation to join the initiative by highlighting three key goals.

“I wish to apply real-world understanding to my double degree and gain greater insights into other cultures and how to conduct myself in a global business environment. This opportunity will also assist me to pursue my interests in leadership, global business and politics, and environmental sustainability.”

In preparation for the Remote Global Internship, Dahlia completed the Asia Ready Program, along with in-country orientation activities, including introductory cultural and Cantonese language classes. She has also attended a range of online Hong Kong industry briefings presented by AustCham, KPMG, TIQ, Uber and Wharf Hotels.

“While I felt nervous entering my global internship, the Asia Ready Program has given me greater confidence, awareness and the skills I need to succeed in this experience. I feel more prepared to take on my internship now that I understand the cultural dynamics, regional environment and have insight into the local language.

Hearing from previous students in the program and professionals in the region, and understanding the program expectations, resources and support has given me a comprehensive guide of how I should expect to navigate and conduct myself throughout.

I found the language training and diverse speakers a really unique and powerful addition to the program which I received a lot of benefit from.

I also enjoyed the AustCham orientation day – interesting business insights that provide perspective on Hong Kong and the global business environment.”

Recently commencing the Remote Global Internship with AustCham, Dahlia is enthusiastically increasing her Asia literacy and engagement capability and has already realised great value from the experience, acquiring new skills and knowledge while working on a range of different projects, activities and tasks.

“Now that I have commenced my placement with AustCham Hong Kong, I have been essentially immersed into the organisation and the Hong Kong business environment.

I attend committee meetings across a range of business sectors, helping me to gain a deep understanding of the business culture, issues, interests and environment across different sectors, from small to large organisations. The preparation and orientation before my internship really helped me find my footing.

I am enjoying working with AustCham and have already found many opportunities to learn and enhance my skills as I navigate the remote internship.”

By developing work-ready graduates with a competitive edge and understanding of Asia, GAI looks forward to continue supportingstudentsthroughout the 2020 RemoteGlobalWIL experience. As highlighted by Dr Andrea Haefner, GABI Course Convenor, “It is great to see that students are still able to engage with Asia, learn about a new culture and work with an overseas company during unprecedented times. Global WIL offered remotely can provide access to international experiences for a diverse range of students who previously might have not been able to join.”

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