Matthew Keech was always determined to get a bachelor degree, despite the universe trying to hold him back. His high school didn’t actively encourage university study and, what’s more, he would be the first in his family to attend or graduate from a tertiary institution. But he knew he wanted to challenge himself and to go above and beyond expectations, and he knew Griffith was the place where he could be remarkable.

“I did a lot of research and found the academics at Griffith had a really great wealth of expertise and knowledge. The lecturers, yes they were academics, but they were linked to industry; they had 10-15 years of practical experience,” Matthew says. “In the end it just became a no brainer.”

The Bachelor of International Business graduate, who now works as an Integrated Support Logistics Manager within the Department of Defence, says his time at the University gave him transferable skills that enabled him to begin his dream career.

“Studying at Griffith gave me versatility to adapt and evolve,” he explains. “My first year allowed me to try a few paths before I discovered my passion for logistics and supply chain management.

“Any given day at my job could see me in a warehouse dealing with inventory movement, in a meeting negotiating with contractors, or looking at logistics data to make decisions. It’s a fulfilling hybrid of strategic decision making and being out there getting your hands dirty.”

Something Matthew thinks helped him get a leg up when initially applying for the Department of Defence graduate program were the skills beyond the textbooks that the Business School offered. “When you study, you have all the practice and academics in a normal degree, but as a graduate you need the extra skills that set you apart,” he says. “The Griffith Business School Student Leadership Program gave me the interpersonal skills I needed to be successful.”

Matthew, who did a duel major of Logistics and Supply Chain Management and International Business, continues: “The support on offer at Griffith is amazing; they have such a well structured way of bringing people up to speed and making them feel comfortable. There’s a plethora of assistance available if you need it while you’re studying, they really want you to do well.

“Even once I graduated, the Alumni Network is a prime example of that support. I might not geographically be in Brisbane, but I’m still connected to the Griffith community. They help you from the first day until the last day when you walk across and grab your degree, and even into the future.”