Griffith Business School has announced the latest round of scholarship and bursary winners for 2020.

The School, together with its industry partners and alumni, offers many scholarships, awards and prizes to support and recognise students as they pursue their study and career aspirations. This year, more than $2.3 million in funding has been awarded to deserving students.

The Griffith Business School community would like to congratulate the following 2020 recipients: Christopher Woodward (Paradise Point Bendigo Bursary); Brittany Riordan (AGL Honors Scholarship); Heleina Young (Oceania Scholarship); Bianca Thatcher (Eka Suputra IML Scholarship); Calum Sheil (Bachelor of Business Innovation Scholarship); Jamie Lee Fraser (Student Investment Fund Scholarship); Samantha Kilmartin (Glenda Strachan Honours Scholarship); and Ashleigh Cohen (UniRecruit Scholarship).

We spoke to a selection of the winners to find out how the funds will help them in achieving their study and career goals.

Bianca Thatcher.

Bianca Thatcher.

Bianca Thatcher (Bachelor of Business)
Eka Suputra IML Scholarship

“I was particularly enthusiastic about the Eka Suputra IML Scholarship because it also offers an internship, something that really stood out to me about this particular scholarship. That’s why I made sure in my application I made it clear that I am really passionate about getting work experience and learning soft skills to complement my Bachelor of Business.

“For the current career I want, you need more than just a degree; you need experience and you need quite a few years of it to progress into the actual position that I’m pursuing. By starting the IML internship, there will be more opportunities for me because I’ll learn additional skills that will give me the edge, and I can put on my resume. When I graduate, I’ll be able to apply for jobs with practical experience. It will take me so much further than if I were starting straight out of university.”

Calum Sheil (Bachelor of Business Innovation)
Bachelor of Business Innovation Scholarship

“I am the first in my family to attend university so winning this scholarship is so amazing. Having the financial assistance for fees makes studying a lot less stressful so it’s definitely changed my life for the better.

“Studying a Bachelor of Business Innovation was really interesting to me because there’s so many innovation opportunities in the world the way it is… in the future companies are going to look to people to help innovate in their businesses, so they can thrive when things like COVID-19 and other global changes happen.

“When I applied, I really felt like the degree will help me the careers I want to get into. It’s a great foundation that can lead into a lot of different areas.”

Jamie Lee Fraser (Bachelor of Commerce)
Student Investment Fund Scholarship

“Winning this scholarship was a nice surprise that came at a really stressful time.

“I really wanted to try and study full-time, but at the start I had to do part-time to make ends meet. I ended up taking long service leave to enable me to study full-time for a bit, and started applying for scholarships… and now I’ve been fortunate enough to win one, so it will allow me to continue studying full-time!

“It gave me a lot of confidence moving forward that I’d be able to continue full-time studies without having to worry about income. As well as working, I have my own small business, which I rely heavily on, and it was severely impacted by COVID-19. Now knowing that I have the scholarship funds, I can continue to work and study full-time and not have to worry about the fact that my other income has reduced.

“I’ve been really impressed with the amount of support that’s available at Griffith, including all of the additional learning opportunities. There are a number of free seminars with industry speakers and networking on offer for students. It’s not just, ‘This is your study, this is your course, you do it’. There’s a lot more on top of that, which I find really, really helpful.”

Samantha Kilmartin.

Samantha Kilmartin.

Samantha Kilmartin (Bachelor of Business, Honours)
Professor Glenda Strachan Honours Scholarship

“I was really happy when I found out my scholarship application was successful. I think the biggest thing for me is the recognition… It’s been a while since I’ve studied, so it was great to get the recognition for the work I put into my previous studies; it made me feel a bit more confident.

“I know Glenda Strachan’s work and I felt really inspired to be acknowledged by someone like that. It has given me a chance to do the best I can with my honours degree. It’s spurred me on to continually stay focused the whole time.

“The monetary prize will really take the pressure off financially, it has meant that I can just really focus on what I’m doing and give myself the best chance to get into a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).”


Ashleigh Cohen (Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Commerce)
UniRecruit Scholarship

“When I found out I won, I was shocked and over the moon. I was so relieved because I knew it would really help me! Winning this scholarship means so much to me, as I will be able to purchase all the textbooks I need to really succeed in my degree. I had never been so excited to buy a textbook as I was when I just bought one for my accounting class the other day.

“I’m really happy and excited, it’s just taken so much of the stress out of my studying because now I know I have the resources I need to do well.”

To apply for a Griffith Business School Scholarship, find more information here