An award-winning documentary on the Vietnam War written and directed by a Griffith Film School doctoral candidate will screen on the History Channel this ANZAC Day.

The Battle of Fire Support Base Coral tells the largely unknown story of the bloodiest battle fought by Australian soldiers during the Vietnam War.

The film, narrated by acclaimed Australian actor William McInnes, features interviews with more than 30 veterans involved in the battle at fire support bases in Coral and Balmoral, Vietnam.

Griffith Film School doctoral candidate Leonie Jones

Griffith Film School PhD candidate Leonie Jones said she was thrilled the film would screen as part of ANZAC Day commemorations.

“When these soldiers came back in 1969, no one wanted to know them,” she said.

“They weren’t accepted into the RSL, they didn’t march on ANZAC Day.

Griffith Film School

“I’m so pleased that the History Channel has decided to place this story in the ANZAC tradition.”

Leonie is currently adapting the film as an online interactive project as part of her studies at Griffith Film School.

“This film grew out of a series of oral histories I recorded with Vietnam veterans,” she said.

“As part of my PhD at Griffith I’ve been able to develop an online platform that will allow viewers to access the oral histories, or follow the story via a timeline, or access broader themes.

“Technology has allowed us to access media in new and exciting ways.”

Griffith Film School senior lecturer Dr Debra Beattie

Leonie’s PhD supervisor, Debra Beattie, said the project reflected the high calibre of postgraduate students at Griffith Film School who were making their mark on the national and international stage.

“Her work is another example of high achievers who are taking on doctoral research at GFS,” she said.

The film was produced by Queensland College of Art alumnus Dr Daryl Sparkes, who won Best Sound Design Award for the documentary at the OzFlix Independent Film Awards.

The Battle of Fire Support Base Coral will screen on The History Channel at 12:30pm on Saturday 25 April.