Griffith animation students go behind the scenes on Bluey

Animation alumnus Beth Harvey working with current students

Griffith Film School (GFS) animation students have interned on the hit ABC series Bluey.

The students attended a series of workshops with the show’s animation directors at GFS recently, followed by a two-week intensive placement at Ludo Studio.

Ludo Studio was co-founded by Griffith Film School alumnus Daley Pearson, who oversees a host of award-winning shows including Bluey, Robbie Hood and Content. Many of the key creatives on Bluey are also graduates of Griffith Film School, including the show’s creator, Joe Brumm.

‘My kids can’t believe their Dad gets to work on Bluey’

Bachelor of Animation student Nathanael Moore

Bachelor of Animation student Nathanael Moore said the experience had prepared him well for entry into the animation industry.

“The internship got us out of the classroom and into the studio environment, working alongside people at the top of their game,” he said.

The mature-aged student juggles parenthood, study and work.

“I’ve got four young kids at home who are big fans of the show, so this just blew their minds,” he said.

“They can’t believe their Dad gets to work on Bluey – they’re so proud of me.”

Amazing opportunities

Bachelor of Animation student Narissa Amies

Fellow Bachelor of Animation student Narissa Amies said the internship had helped hone the skills she had learned at Griffith Film School.

“I’ve really been able to develop my animation skills at Ludo, and it’s great to be mentored by people in the industry,” she said.

“The variety of projects we get to work on at film school and the opportunities we are given are amazing.”

Alumni paying it forward

Bluey animation directors Beth Harvey and Claire Renton

Bluey Animation Directors Beth Harvey and Claire Renton were among the alumni who returned to tutor Bachelor of Animation students.

“Walking back into Griffith Film School really took me back to my time at university,” Beth said.

“It was a great time for immersing myself amongst other creative people and sharing ideas and techniques.

“I was lucky enough to have an amazing mentor who helped make me into the best animator I could be, and to be in a position to pay it forward and help teach new animators the skills taught to me is extremely rewarding.

“I remember saying at uni that I wanted to work for an Australian company making great cartoons for kids. This project is so well written, voiced, designed, directed, and scored. Every element makes it a stand-out production,” she said.

‘It’s a dream come true for us to have connections to a hit show’

Animation program director Dr Peter Moyes

Animation program director Dr Peter Moyes said the internship ensured Griffith’s animation graduates were job ready.

“An internship like this gives our students a sense of what it’s like to work in a proper studio, and learn about collaboration and communication,” he said.

“It’s definitely a dream come true for us to have these kind of connections to a hit show. Our students get the chance to work on a successful show, where the majority of the team are our graduates.”

Dr Moyes said local graduates made up more than half of the workforce on Bluey.

“Fifty per cent of people employed on Bluey are new graduates from Griffith Film School,” he added.

“The course at GFS attracts people who have a genuine desire to go into this industry, and they are surrounded by other people who feel the same.”