Candice and other emerging leaders ready to tackle today’s urban challenges at 2019APCS

Griffith University representative Candice Noring is currently studying a Bachelor of Laws/ Bachelor of International Business. (Photo supplied)

Bachelor of Laws / Bachelor of International Business student Candice Noring is fired up ahead of the 2019 Asia Pacific Cities Summit (2019APCS) and Mayors’ Forum, to be held in Brisbane 7-10 July.

Griffith University Young Professionals Forum delegates and speakers gathered at the Griffith University Young Professionals Forum ahead of the 2019APCS. (Photo supplied)

She recently attended Griffith University Young Professionals Forum ahead of the event along with other young professionals.

The Griffith University Young Professionals Forum has a strong record of attracting talented and leading young minds from across the Asia Pacific region and offers tailored professional development, the chance to develop ideas and city solutions, and key networking opportunities with city and business leaders.

Candice said she was honoured to represent Griffith at the forum and looking forward to having the chance to influence decision-makers of the region with solutions for today’s urban challenges at the summit next month.

“The briefing was eye-opening and reassuring so we now know exactly what we have signed up for.”

Speakers at the Griffith University Young Professionals Forum included Dr Ali Lakhani (Menzies Health Institute), Associate Professor Ingrid Burkett (Yunus Social Business Centre) and Professor Caitlin Byrne (Griffith Asia Institute). (Photo supplied)

All Young Professionals Forum delegates have joined an online communication platform called ‘SLACK’ to prepare themselves for the forum, which will involve finding solutions to four urban cities challenges around liveability, mobility, sustainability and innovation (the sub-themes of 2019APCS).

“We get updates in ‘SLACK’ regularly and many of us are sharing ideas and articles we find on the topics,” Candice said.

“I think all four days at the summit will be intense and also, thought-provoking.”

“It’s not long to go now and I am very much looking forward to it.”