Griffith Business School’s student opportunities proving a win-win

Erin Copeland on exchange in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Erin Copeland on exchange in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

When Erin Copeland was selecting her university she did a lot of research. She looked at things like job placement rates and whether there was an emphasis on teaching soft skills to increase student employability. She also wanted to know what the student experience was like through testimonials and what extracurricular activities were on offer so she could expand her resume while studying. After weighing and measuring all these factors, she was confident that Griffith University was the place for her.

“Griffith came ahead by far and one of the biggest selling points for me was the opportunity to do my particular double degree — a Bachelor of International Business/Bachelor of Government and International Relations — which wasn’t really offered by any other university,” she explains. “When applying for university, I knew I wanted a career in international politics, and to be successful in that field you need to have a well-rounded education in subjects such as International Finance, Economics, Marketing and Trade.

“Rather than taking the odd elective course, I added a degree in International Business which I felt really complimented my International Relations degree. Now in my final year, I can really see this choice paying off as I apply for graduate programs in both the public and private sector. I have more choice with my career because of the academic knowledge gained by my double degree,” she says.

From there, she added to her employability by getting involved with the Griffith Business School Student Leadership Program, which then led to her gaining positions as both a Griffith Ambassador and the Griffith Business Students Association Vice President. Then her peers gave her the confidence to do a global study exchange to Belfast, Northern Ireland. She also volunteered in India as part of the Student Leadership Program’s Community Engagement Project and was involved in the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

“I have tried to participate in every opportunity Griffith provides and I have been well and truly rewarded. All of my extra curricular activities have not only prepared me with a wealth of employability skills but also allowed for incredible personal growth,” Erin explains. “Being awarded these opportunities and responsibilities has given me lessons for life so that when I do enter the workforce I am not only ready but have the comfortability of knowing my worth. I have held many different positions, been mentored and have mentored, and completing seminars through the leadership program such as self-awareness, business etiquette and personal branding has set me up to be more than the average graduate entering my field of choice.

“Griffith creates successful graduates. I have met alumni, graduate recruiters and top level industry professionals who have spoken to the quality of Griffith Business School graduates. The other incredible quality of the Griffith Business School is the sense of community their staff instill in students. You can absolutely tell from the Pro Vice Chancellor to the academics and student engagement staff that their focus is us as students.

“I am so excited to be a part of this alumni and certain that Griffith Business School has equipped me with the skills to start my career.”