Griffith’s School of Education and Professional Studies, has signed an agreement with MINDS Singapore to collaborate on special education programs for children.

Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS), was founded to provide equal opportunities for children with intellectual disabilities. It has grown to become one of the oldest and largest non-government organisations catering to the needs of persons with intellectual disability in Singapore.

Griffith’s Autism Centre of Excellence (ACE) will deliver a professional development program to MINDS staff, which has a multi-disciplinary, whole-of-life focus. MINDS participants will develop an in-depth understanding of autism and strategies to support the learning and development of people with autism which are holistic, functional and tailored to individual strengths and needs. The program focuses on the translation of high-quality research evidence into research-informed practice.

The program will be delivered online with the addition of two face-to-face intensive workshops in Singapore.

“There is huge excitement about the collaboration and a desire to extend the partnership further, especially around research possibilities, “said Professor Donna Pendergast,Head and Dean of the School of Education and Professional Studies.

“I was taken on a tour of the headquarters which includes a workplace for adults to learn skills for integration. There is particular interest in our collaboration with AEIOU and the early intervention model,” she said.

The MINDS program will commence in Trimester 1, 2019.