Since graduating from a Bachelor of International Business and a Graduate Diploma in Korean Language at Griffith University, Amanda Hodges has travelled the world as an international strategic business, investment and government affairs executive leader.

Her remarkable career progression across 20 years is one of the many reasons why she was named Griffith Business School’s Outstanding Alumnus for 2018.

I am really honoured and humbled by this award,” Amanda says. “So many talented people graduate from Griffith University and I have worked with and met many of them around the world. I have always been proud to say that I studied at Griffith University.”

Having served in several senior leadership and diplomatic roles all over the world, Amanda has honed her skills in managing international relations as well as being instrumental in delivering several key governmental initiatives.

She says that her degree at Griffith Business School was a major driving factor in her career. “I chose to study at Griffith because it offered a degree with a point of difference — a Bachelor of International Business with Korean language. It was the only course of its kind offered in Australia at that time,” Amanda explains.

David Grant Amanda Hodges Griffith Business School Outstanding Alumni Awards

David Grant and Amanda Hodges.

That knowledge of Korean language proved more than a little useful when she completed her degree and went on to study at Korea University in Seoul, and then the University of Texas in Austin. She’s worked for the Australian government for more than two decades, taking up positions both in our own country, and in the United Arab Emirates, the US, India, Turkey and Italy.

Now working in Seoul, Amanda runs a team of 20 business development professionals and facilitates foreign direct investments from South Korea to Australian infrastructure, energy, agribusiness, resources and life sciences.

She says the extracurricular activities offered at Griffith had an large influence on her career path. “It has had an enormous impact on my career. Griffith had a partnership with Korea University in Seoul. I was awarded a scholarship to study as an exchange student for one year. This improved my Korean language and increased my cross-cultural exposure,” she explains.

“The University was also pivotal in securing my first job and also my current role.”

She continues: “There were so many good aspects to my Griffith experience. I liked the campus environment at Nathan, the facilities … there were many social clubs you could join. The highlight was definitely the option to study as an exchange student at Korea University through Griffith University’s international alliance. I fondly remember a group of us students taking the visiting Dean to ‘noraebang’ which is Korean karaoke!”

Amanda says she is proud to be an alumnus of Griffith University for so many reasons and encourages employers to strongly consider hiring students from the University. “Griffith is clearly led by a strategic and innovative leadership team who have designed degrees and courses to offer students a point of difference in the workforce,” Amanda says.

“I recommend Griffith University because it is innovative and contemporary and looks beyond the horizon. It also places students at its centre. I also recommend to employers that they consider hiring Griffith interns or graduates — they won’t be disappointed!”