Andrew Stone: Showman to the stars

Andrew Stone

During a hectic four-month stint leading up to April 2017, Andrew Stone criss-crossed the world, battled sleep deprivation and enjoyed a grand total of two days off. Of course, that’s the kind of commitment required when you’re preparing for an Australian tour by Adele.

While the British superstar songstress was the biggest act to reach our shores in 2017, Griffith University business alumnus Andrew is no less dedicated in his efforts for other tours and events. His reputation has been built on, and counts on, attention to every detail.


“Adele had never done that type of production before, but when someone of her calibre goes ‘Wow!’, then that’s fantastic. Still, it can be a little like torture sometimes,” he says.

“I learned fairly early in my career that events management is crisis management.”

Andrew graduated with a Bachelor of Business from Griffith Business School in 2003, having pursued a degree after a back injury ended his dream of becoming a professional golfer.

The combination of sport management and business in his studies has ideally complemented a career that is internationally acknowledged and has moved between fields as diverse as motorsport, golf, boxing and rock and roll.

“It is hard work, but I love the atmosphere. I love stepping back and seeing other people revelling in a great experience. That’s my reward.

“Events management is such a dynamic industry and if I’ve learnt one thing that I might pass on to others, it’s this: if you say you’re going to do something; then do it.”