Recently a group of Year 12 students from Brisbane and Gold Coast showcased their analytical and investigative skills at the Better Business Conference, hosted by Griffith Business School, in collaboration with the Academy of Excellence in Financial Crime Investigation and Compliance and supported by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

The competition enabled the students to play the role of financial crime investigators in a challenging financial crime scenario where they were tasked with deciphering clues and uncovering the Mastermind behind a sophisticated redirection scam. Structured as a ‘choose your own journey’ experience, teams of 3 to 5 students utilised foundational forensic accounting techniques to trace fraudulent transactions and analyse evidence including invoices, customer correspondence, and suspect profiles. 

The event aimed to simulate real-world challenges in a manageable format. Participants not only competed for points based on their investigative skills but also attended a mini-lecture delivered by Professor Andreas Chai from the Department of Accounting, Finance and Economics, and Associate Professor Jacqueline Drew from the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice. These sessions highlighted prevalent financial scams affecting our young people today. 

“The students really enjoyed learning about financial crime and understanding what preventative measures they and their family can take to better protect themselves. Beyond that they were surprised to learn that financial crime investigations are in high demand across the financial and public sectors and that they can have a great career in monitoring, detecting and reporting financial crime by working in place like the Commonwealth Bank, as well as in public sector institutions like AUSTRAC and the Australian Federal Police.”
– Professor Andreas Chai

AB Patterson and Groves Christian College emerged victorious, demonstrating exceptional teamwork and strategic thinking and were recognised for their achievements with prizes sponsored by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. Additional awards were given for Best Crisis Management Plan, Team Spirit/Collaboration, and Best Reflection Video, showcasing the day’s holistic approach to learning. 

The competition provided students with practical insights into financial crime investigation and inspired them to consider careers in this specialised field. 

Schools interested in hosting similar events in the form of incursions can contact the Academy of Excellence in Financial Crime Investigation and Compliance for more information.