Participants from Queensland Treasury and Griffith Business School were given a unique opportunity to build on their negotiation skills, through seminars and exercise facilitated by Dr Larry Crump.

The exercise component, focusing on strategy and power, took place at the Treasury building in Brisbane this month.

It involved a game titled ‘The Fitzroy River Clean-Up’, where three fictional North Queensland based mining companies seek to gain benefits through cooperation.

“It’s an interesting exercise because it allows for no agreement, a three-way agreement or – in some cases – a two-way agreement that excludes one party,” Dr Crump explained.

The exercise was conducted by 7 teams made up of Griffith University post-graduate students and Queensland Treasury Commercial Group professionals, providing a valuable chance for students to learn from seasoned negotiators.

“It gives students real-life experience in a structured learning environment, engaging industry and government,” said Dr Crump, adding that some found themselves with the upper hand, while others had to employ all their skills to get out of a ‘tangled mess’.

Samuel Glen, of the Queensland Treasury Commercial Group and seminar organiser, also described the event as a success.

“There was a buzz from everyone who attended the training,” he said. “I think everyone really enjoyed it!”

The GBS students who participated came from a wide range of programs, including the MBA, Master of International Business, Master of International Relations and Master of Professional Accounting.

Dr Crump is the Deputy Director of the APEC Study Centre at Griffith University and lectures in international negotiation and international management.

The negotiation strategies workshop under way at the Treasury building in Brisbane.