Finding a job after graduating is now a lot easier, thanks to industry partnerships such as the one between Griffith University and The Star.

The relationship sees representatives from the hospitality and tourism businesses visit Griffith Business School to recruit promising students both during and after their studies. A recent event has resulted in 54 eager students successfully gaining employment with the renowned hospitality and tourism brand.

Josephine Dalton, The Star Entertainment Group’s national talent manager says the company wanted to work with Griffith because of their stellar reputation.

“Griffith has a leading reputation in the industry for their strong hospitality and tourism focus,” she says. “Specialising in hospitality and tourism makes their end qualification very desirable and it’s something we are really interested in at The Star; we really look for students from that background when employing.”

The Star’s Queensland recruitment manager Amanda Spencer agrees. “There’s no one else with such a large focus on this space and I think that’s really where Griffith stands out,” she says.

“The fact that the University is putting even more of a focus on it right now and growing that space can only empower students to go down that path. It’s really going to assist us in finding the best employees, so I think it’s amazing.”

Amanda, who is a Griffith alumnus herself, says the partnership has significant benefits for both the University’s Business School and The Star. “We see the partnership as helping the community, helping young people get their first job, or get their foot in the door,” she says. “It’s an opportunity for students to gain paid employment while they’re studying and I think that’s super crucial in this industry.”


Josephine Dalton.

It’s not only a desirable qualification that sets Griffith students apart; Josephine also says the students she and her colleagues have come across have that certain something extra.

“Griffith students are passionate, they’ve got many admirable strengths and are always polished and professional,” she says. “They’re really ‘people’ people. If you want to be in hospitality and tourism you need to be able to associate with people and be happy to provide excellent guest service and we can really see those talents and skills in Griffith University students.

“I’m constantly hearing feedback from our leaders and they talk about it quite vocally in management meetings about the fantastic talent we’ve engaged from Griffith. There’s a lot of anecdotes we hear about the fantastic people we’ve hired from the partnership.”

According to the Group’s managing director Queensland Geoff Hogg, the company is undergoing a period of massive growth, and there are loads of opportunities for students to gain employment experience. “This partnership makes sense for us as we look to train and recruit talent for our existing properties in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast, as well as our significant investments to expand these in the future,” he says.

“This involves our $3 billion dollar Queen’s Wharf Brisbane integrated resort expected to open in 2022, and the opening of our new luxury suite hotel on the Gold Coast before the 2018 Commonwealth Games.”

Josephine says even if students aren’t sure of their career path, it’s worthwhile to come along to these sorts of recruitment activities to talk. She emphasises The Star Entertainment Group are always looking to ensure the right person gets the right job and quite often will tailor positions and career trajectories for the right candidates.

“When we are looking at filling many roles and have so many future opportunities we love to talk to all sorts of people,” she says. “What are their strengths and interests? What are they studying? What are their career aspirations and how can The Star support or help guide their careers? Is there a shared opportunity? It’s great to meet new people and learn whether there would be a fit with our organisation for them and for us.

“It’s such an exciting time for growth and we are so excited about the Griffith University partnership.”