Griffith celebrates diversity with annual Cultural Gala

Griffith will host the annual Cultural Gala at its Nathan campus on this Saturday.
Griffith will host the annual Cultural Gala at its Nathan campus on this Saturday.

An international fashion show presenting traditional styles from Africa, Latin America and the Pacific Islands will be one of the many colourful attractions at Saturday’s Cultural Gala at Griffith’s Nathan campus.

The annual event is set to attract approximately 600 students, staff and community members for a celebration of cultural diversity at Griffith University.

From year to year, the event organisers of the Cultural Gala showcase a number of different types of international cuisines and this year the mouth-watering menu will include gyoza, sweet potato chips, gnocchi, Indian cuisine and deep fried ice cream.

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The Cultural Gala will also feature a variety of performances, photo booths and opportunities for guests to participate in dances.

“It’s a wonderful opportunity for individuals from many different cultural backgrounds to celebrate, share and discover traditional customs,” Deb de Silva, Clubs Support Officer at Campus Life, Clubs Office, said.

“Just by exchanging hellos or welcomes in their native language, students will open the door to new and long-lasting friendships.

“The Cultural Gala has such a wonderful atmosphere and foundation to build on unity despite our wonderful differences.”

Tickets, which cost $20, are selling fast and expectations are high that this year’s event will be a sell-out success again.

The Cultural Gala is supported by Campus Life, Student Representation Council (SRC) and Griffith University Postgraduate Students Association (GUPSA).

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