Double degree opens doors

Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Communications graduate Gabby Brown.
Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Communications graduate Gabrielle Brown.

An internship with the Brisbane Roar women’s soccer team was the perfect cap to Griffith University graduate Gabrielle Brown’s double degree.

The sports enthusiastand Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Communications graduate undertook the Roar internship where she managed the team’s social media profile as part of her public relations major.

“It was a fantastic experience,” she says. “I went to a game each week, had a shirt, sat on the bench and really felt like I was an integral part of the team.”

Growing up in a rural area, Gabrielle was a keen horse rider and spent many years riding and competing in horse shows throughout Australia.

After she finished school, she spent 18 months working in a variety of jobs including hospitality and retail to help fund her her horse-riding passion. She then decided to study at university.

“I chose Griffith because even though it’s a large university it feels like an inclusive, welcoming community,’’ she said.

“I decided on a double degree because I’d always been interested in marketing and business and the public relations major allows me to be creative.”

Even though it had been a while since she’d studied, Gabrielle (24), had no trouble getting into the rhythm of university life and believes being involved in university activities is important in making connections.

“Always say yes to things if your lecturer offers opportunities whether it’s part-time work or volunteering at events, meeting other people already working in the area you want to be in can be so beneficial,” she said.

As part of her business degree, Gabrielle was also involved in the Griffith Business Students Association and GEMMS — Griffith Event Management and Marketing Society.

“Through GEMMS and networking I was able to become a student ambassador and able to represent the university, making contacts and meeting people.”

The first in her family to go to university, Gabrielle’s parents and grandparents are understandably proud and excited about her degree.

“My parents encouraged me to do my best with my education and are very happy that I’ve graduated.”

Three weeks before she finishing her degree Gabrielle obtained a full-time position as a Student Recruitment Officer at Griffith University.

“I look after 102 schools around the Gold Coast and northern NSW, where I maintain the relationship between Griffith and the schools and inspire young people to study at Griffith.”

Her advice to prospective students? “Study something that you enjoy or are passionate about as it will make your uni journey more rewarding. Also, get involved in anything that comes your way.”

For Gabrielle, that means finding time to maintain her connection with the Brisbane Roar, helping with their social media profile and developing her professional network.