Griffith University’s Institute For Glycomics has announced its 2016 Research Excellence Awards. Recipients are:

2016 Glycomics Director’s Medal — Awarded to Dr Larissa Dirr
For excellence in Higher Degree Research, and her significant contribution towards the design and evaluation of specific and potent human parainfluenza virus inhibitors

Early Career Researcher Award – Awarded to Dr Mehfuz Zaman
In recognition for his research on development of novel vaccine technology to prevent significant infectious diseases, such as influenza and Group A Streptococcus infection.

Mid-Career/Senior Researcher Award – Awarded to Dr Kate Seib
In recognition of her significant contributions to understanding bacterial pathogenesis and developing vaccine candidates for human mucosal pathogens such as Neisseriaspecies and Moraxella catarrhalis.

Research Group/Team Award – Awarded to the Laboratory of Vaccines for the Developing World, led by Professor Michael Good
In recognition of the major advances made by this group towards the development of a vaccine against Group A Streptococcus, including the signing of a significant licensing agreement with a major international vaccine manufacturing company in China.Group members:
Prof Michael Good
Dr Michael Batzloff
Dr Mehfuz Zaman
Dr Manisha Pandey
Dr Danielle Stanisic
Dr Sherry Eskandari
Dr Ashwini Kumar Giddam
Ms Victoria Ozberk
Ms Emma Langshaw
Mrs Ainslie Calcutt
Ms Jess Powell

Research Leadership – Awarded to Prof Michael Jennings
In recognition of his international standing in infectious diseases research with a focus on glycoscience, genetics, epigenetics and vaccine development

The awardees’ nominations will now progress through to the Vice Chancellors Research Excellence Awards.