Film School students get in election picture

On the set for the opening episode of Scrutineers, made by LIVElab for the Policy Innovation Hub.
On the set for the opening episode of Scrutineers, made by LiveLab for the Policy Innovation Hub.

Griffith Film School students have completed production of a four-part series on the 2016 Federal Election.

Scrutineers, made by LiveLab for Griffith’s Policy Innovation Hub, has analysed a range of election issues from the populist vote to marriage equality to federalism.

ABC Radio National reporter, Nance Haxton, and Professor Brad Jackson from Victoria University of Wellington were the special guests for this week’s fourth instalment, with Professor Anne Tiernan on the other side of the table once more.

Behind the scenes a group of students spent each production morning setting up cameras, testing sound equipment, and prepping the location and the talent for the shoot.

Students from the Griffith film School“I see this basically as an industry credit,” Alexander Watson, a final-year student of film and screen production, said.

“I get to work on a film set which is great for my resume and my show reel.

“It shows that I can work with people in a team outside of student work which is incredibly important. Student films are great, but they’re student films. Industry work is what you need, is what pays the bills, what pays the rent.”

Working alongside Alexander (director) were Connor Nierfeld (director of photography), Benjamin Gilchrist (camera assistance), Ha Anh Phi (sound assistance) and Taylah Moore (camera assistance).

Overseeing the lights, the camera and the action was Amelia Paxman, a supervisor with LiveLab, the commercial arm of Griffith Film School.

“The exercise for the students, as is the case with all LiveLab projects, is essentially undertaking professional work. It gives them a chance to work in a professional context,” Amelia said.

Woman with video camera
Amelia Paxman supervises the shooting of Scrutineers

“They are responding to the needs of clients, they are working with different people, they are working with different specifications, and they’re working with client feedback. Those are important skills to have when they are transitioning into the professional world.

“It’s a very professional setting and our students are very capable of such professionalism.”

The first episode of Scrutineers, in which Professor Tiernan and Dr Duncan McDonnell unpacked the election prospects of minority parties like Nick Xenophon and Pauline Hanson, was published by the highly-respected Conversation website.

Woman holding boom microphone
On set: Student Taylah Moore during shooting for the LiveLabproduction

“This is about more than making student films,” Amelia said. “It’s content that has a life beyond Film School. They’re making something that will be seen by other people. It’s election coverage, important media, it’s adding something to the election debate. Therefore, it has a huge benefit for students’ resumes.”