Griffith business student Jeremy Hartley is already making his mark on an international scale.

His latest global enterprise, Hartley Watches, is attracting consumers with credit cards from the United States, Germany, across Europe and throughout Australia.

Combined with his successful Teatox Australia initiative, Jeremy’s business ventures are forecast to turnover more than $1 million in 2016.

All this before he turns 20 or graduates from Griffith Business School.

Jeremy, who is Gold Coast based but who looks on the world as his home, has been nurturing bright business ideas since he accidentally bought 100 iPhone covers at the age of 14 and turned a neat profit on eBay.

Studying a business degree at Griffith has reinforced this formidable entrepreneurial savvy, and bolstered his confidence in taking new products overseas.

JHsmlJeremy, who handed in his final university assignment in early February, highlights studies in economics, accounting and international relations as crucial to his development as a businessman dealing in globalised markets.

“My studies have helped me to develop and sharpen my skills as an all-round business person,” he says.

“I’ve learned about areas like regulation, trademark boundaries and entering different markets. Knowing how governments work in different countries has been very valuable.”

Jeremy launched his self-styled range of classic watches in Milan last October, after a 10-month development plan and initial groundwork in Europe and Asia. He sourced leather wristbands in Italy, the inner mechanics in Japan and had the stylish timepieces assembled in China.

He completed high school at Livingstone Christian College in Ormeau with a series of certificates in boat building, retail, fitness, business and workplace practices.

Without an OP at that stage, Jeremy next did a Diploma in Business through Coomera Training College, a pathway that would lead to Griffith University.

He also finished high school in the same year he registered his first company, Teatox Australia, which would become the biggest weight loss business of its kind in Australia and which now numbers 100,000 followers through Instagram.

Jeremy has accelerated through the education process, maintaining a high-ranging GPA while bringing a series of business projects to fruition and also working at a Broadbeach hotel and a NSW law firm.

His enrolment at Griffith also opened the door for him to study a graduate certificate in software engineering through Harvard Extension School. He also owns and runs a web development company.

He cites inventor and business magnate Elon Musk as an inspirational role model. “He’s a billionaire who is making a difference. He’s not just sitting back on a yacht. I want to make a difference too.”