Glycomics projects awarded NHMRC funding

Professor Mark von Itzstein in the lab
Director of the Institute for Glycomics, Professor Mark von Itzstein

Griffith University’s Institute for Glycomics has figured prominently in the National Health and Medical Research Council’s latest funding round.

Announced on October 17 by the Prime Minister, The Honourable Tony Abbott MP, and Federal Health Minister, The Honourable Peter Dutton MP, the NHMRC grants were part of a $539.8 million allocation across a broad range of diseases and health conditions.

Griffith University received a total of $11,140,557 in research funding.

Of that allocation, Director of the Institute for Glycomics, Professor Mark von Itzstein, received $1,030,527 carrying through 2015-18 for his project, New insight into glycan requirements for rotavirus-cell attachment and entry.

Dr Lara Herrero
Dr Lara Herrero

Professor Suresh Mahalingam was awarded $752,388 (2015-18) for his work on Arbovirus activation and modulation of NLRP3 inflammasome, while Professor Michael Good received $516,864 (2015-18) for his project, Developing a vaccine to protect against hypervirulent strains of group A streptococcus.

For her project, Glycotherapeutics: A New Class of Treatment for Alphavirus-Induced Musculoskeletal Disease, Dr Lara Herrero received $435,785 (2015-2017).