As the undesirable consequences of the use of fossil fuels gain greater prominence globally, it is apt that students of the world should consider the future prospects for alternative energy.

Griffith Business School students will team up with Brisbane high school students to do exactly that at a Griffith G20 Summit in October.

The Summit has been organised by Dr Tapan Sarker, from Griffith’s Department of International Business and International Studies, to explore a subject that is likely to be discussed in November at the G20 Leaders Summit.

“Energy is a key issue for the G20,” he said. “The students will have an opportunity to promote their thoughts and ideas around this area.

“They will debate related issues with peers and have the chance to learn from academic researchers and industry leaders at our summit.”

Griffith University is linking up with the International Energy Centre and Queensland Office of Youth for the October 21 event which will involve more than 100 students.

These will include International Business students from Dr Tapan’s Energy and Environmental Security course, along with Griffith G20 scholars and high school students representing four Brisbane schools.

“The initiative greatly enhances the student experience,” Professor Heidi Dahles, head of Griffith’s Department of International Business and Asian studies, said. “Theyget a sense of the significance ofthesustainability agendain the context of a high profile political event. This is exactly what future leaders need to understand.”

A panel made up of eight students will present and direct the two-hour discussion, which is supported by Griffith’s Asia Pacific Centre for Sustainable Enterprise.

“This is an extension of Griffith’s earlier G20 initiative involving high school students,” Dr Tapan said.

“It is a form of blended learning which takes Griffith students beyond the classroom. In this case we are promoting student interaction with industry leaders and influential figures like the CEO of the International Energy Centre.

“It will be an ideal arena for future leaders to demonstrate and exercise their leadership qualities. Solutions around the future of alternative energy are required and what better place or time to start than in Brisbane on the eve of the G20 Leaders Summit?”

International Energy Centre CEO, Tim McLennan, welcomed the summit. “This is an important initiative to ensure we broaden the dialogue around energy and involve the future custodians of our society,” he said.

“I am confident this event will include a number of our future energy leaders. This summit also builds into the energy program around the G20 that is developed through the Brisbane Global Café and creates greater engagement on the overall topic.”

Griffith G20 Scholars pictured below:

Griffith Universities G20 Scholars