The Griffith Asia Institute and the Griffith Law School were please to host a seminar by Professor Satvinder Juss from the Dickson Poon School of Law, Kings College London during his recent visit to Australia.

International refugee law is often criticized for being antiquated and ineffectual in the face of human rights violations in the world today. Yet, the plight of victims of human trafficking provides refugee lawyers with an opportunity to affirm the fundamental tenets of international protection on which their discipline is based. In his seminar, Profess Juss addressed four main issues, the search for a victim-centred approach in the context of the historical abolition of slavery; the law relating to human trafficking; the identification and assistance of victims provided for within that law and the judicial perspectives of several British cases from the last 5-years with a view to determining what has been achieved.

Professor Juss is a human rights expert focusing on policy-oriented work and has taught at a number of Universities in the UK and the USA, including Harvard Law School and Indiana University in Bloomington. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and its Council Member, and is a member of its Migration Commission, which published its ground-breaking Report, “Migration: A Welcome Opportunity” in November 2005. He is a Council member also of Encounter, and of the Society of Legal Scholars. In 2010 his name was added to the Panel of the Arbitrators of the Indian Council for Arbitration. Professor Juss seeks to incorporate the role of scholar, practitioner, and activist in all the various fields of his expertise.

Listen to the podcast here.