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15 September 2015

Chinese honour Prof Colin Mackerras with special contribution award

Professor Emeritus Colin Mackerras,was recently made a recipient of the prestigious China Book Special Contribution Award. Professor Mackerras is the...

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18 December 2014

Surveying public opinion in Burma

For years, decades even, professional Burma watchers, activists and other commentators have been making assessments about developments in Burma (Myanmar)...

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17 December 2014

Destination China

Australian Banking and Finance – 17 December, 2014 cover story on the impact of free trade agreement between Australia and...

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1 August 2014

Twists and turns on road to new Chinese revolution

The Australian has published a feature on the growth of China as a global superpower through the eyes of Griffith...

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1 August 2014

On the merits of avoiding stark choices

The Australian Strategic Policy Institute Blog has published an article by Griffith Asia Institute Member and Head of the School...

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23 May 2014

Attack at market in China kills 31

The recent pattern of violence “suggests an escalation both in attacks and the conflict in a societal sense between the...

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15 May 2014

Chinese Officials Head to the Countryside

Half a century after millions of city dwellers were ordered to the countryside, some officials are once again being armed...

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30 April 2014

China’s West Bank–the alienation of the Uyghur

A recent mass stabbing attack on bystanders at a train station in China has again focused attention on the troubled...

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23 April 2014

Will Ukraine crisis open a new gas market for Australia?

The Gladstone Observer, through a report by Dr Vlado Vivoda, discusses how the standoff between Russia and Ukraine exacerbates Europe’s...

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12 February 2014

Indonesia changed while Corby was behind bars

Despite terrorism, drink spiking and a reversal in the moral high ground, Australians can’t resist Bali. Colin Brown, Adjunct Professor...

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