Google Play Stores feature grad game

a screen grab of the new game
Dragon Season features on Google Play this week


Dragon Season, a new game created by animation and game design graduates of the Griffith Film School, is featured on the front page of the Google Play Stores in Australia and New Zealand ahead of its imminent worldwide release.


Its creators, Dom Drysdale, Troy Duguid, Cameron Pyke and Chris Webb all graduated in the last three years and formed Ghostbox as an independent Australian games studio. The team is currently housed by Right Pedal Studios, publishers of Dragon Season.


In Dragon Season, players take the role of Nook, a cute dragon with an aptitude for havoc and playful destruction. When his friends are taken captive by the meddling menace, King Jellyboo, Nook sets out to rescue them.


This pick-up-and-play, addicting endless runner features some unique mechanics, and a distinctive visual aesthetic. Players must master control of Nooks’ flight, while also doing their best to blast all the obstacles in his path.


They describe a key feature of Dragon Season as its mission system, where players must rescue Nook’s friends, then complete their quests to receive a reward.


An iOS version is also on the way and it will also be featured in the Reel Time exhibition at Crane Arts in October.


You can download the game for free here: