Economic outlook offers business edge

Professor Michael Powell, Pro Vice Chancellor (Business), sitting at top of board table.
Professor Michael Powell, Pro Vice Chancellor (Business)

One of the country’s leading analysts will present his economic outlook for the year ahead at the first of the 2013 Leaders’ Edge Lunch Series in Brisbane on Wednesday.

Dr Chris Caton, Chief Economist with BT Financial Group, will cast his net far and wide, with interest rates, the strength of the Australian dollar, the economic impact of natural disasters and international relations with China, Europe and the US all expected to be under the spotlight.

The Leaders’ Edge series, hosted by the Australian Institute of Company Directors in partnership with Griffith Business School, exposes the Queensland business community to the views, opinions, knowledge and experience of leading commentators and analysts.

“Leaders’ Edge offers a distinctive experience to business leaders,” Professor Michael Powell, Pro Vice Chancellor (Business), Griffith University, said.

“The expert knowledge presented during the series is immediately relevant and practical to the business environment they know.

“They have the chance to discuss and analyse important national and international business trends and how these could influence the success or otherwise of their organisations.

“What plans can they put in place today to absorb tomorrow’s impact? What strategies can be implemented to take full advantage of emerging trends?”

Professor Powell said ongoing research at Griffith Business School maintained a sharp focus on economic trends and how industries and businesses are led and sustained through different economic environments.

“Our partnership with the Australian Institute of Company Directors for the Leaders’ Edge series is an important one in this respect, and one we are determined to build on,” he said.

Dr Chris Caton’s presentation takes place at the Hilton Brisbane Hotel on Wednesday, February 27, starting at 12.00pm.

Dr Caton was chief economist at Bankers Trust from 1991 until 1999. During this time he also served as chair of the Indicative Planning Council, which advised the government on the housing industry. He previously worked in the Treasury, and the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet.