Building links with Indonesia’s Foreign Ministry

CET MoU signing
Seated (L to R) Professor Ian O’Connor, Vice Chancellor and President, Griffith University and Dr Pribadi Sutiono, Director of the Senior Diplomatic Training Course (Sesparlu), at the Centre for Education and Training (CET), Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Standing (L to R) Ms Helen-Louise McDonald, International Relations Officer, Professor Alex Bellamy, Griffith Asia Institute (GAI), Ms Karen Morgan, International Relations Officer (Agreements), Professor Andrew O’Neil, Director, GAI, Dr Sara Davies, Senior Research staff, GAI, Ms Greta Nabbs-Keller, PhD Researcher, GAI, Associate Professor Martin Griffiths, Head, School of Government and International Relations, Professor Colin Brown, Adjunct Professor, GAI and Professor Haig Patapan, School of Government and International Relations.

Dr Pribadi Sutiono, Director of the Senior Diplomatic Training Course (Sesparlu), at the Centre for Education and Training (CET), Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, visited the Griffith Asia Institute on 17-18 October to formalise links between Griffith University and CET through the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding. During his visit to Griffith Dr Sutiono, a Griffith alumnus, also presented on ‘Contemporary Indonesian Foreign Policy: The South-China Sea Dispute’ at the Griffith Asia Institute Research Seminar series.

CET is the central training organisation for the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Its Senior Diplomatic Training Course is the senior level training program for Indonesian diplomats, and is a pre-requisite for diplomats who will be promoted to the rank of Minister Counsellor. The Centre also undertakes a range of education and training activities for Indonesian public servants dealing with international policy issues, and offers training to diplomats from other countries (especially from ASEAN). A formal relationship between CET and Griffith will help to further promote Griffith’s standing in its engagement with Indonesia, providing for visiting lecturers, exchange of scholars and research collaborations. The MoU complements Griffith’s extant links with a range of prestigious government agencies and educational institutions across Indonesia.

Griffith Asia Institute has been working progressively towards a stronger relationship with CET through the contribution of Griffith Asia Institute Adjunct Professor, Colin Brown. In the past month Professor Andrew O’Neil, Director of GAI and Ms Greta Nabbs-Keller, PhD student, have visited CET for discussions with its Head, Ambassador Hazairin Pohan and other resident staff. Whilst visiting CET, Professor O’Neil presented to mid-ranking Indonesian diplomats on ‘Asia’s Power Transition in the 21st Century’. Discussions to identify areas of practical cooperation under the framework of the MoU continued with Dr Sutiono during his visit to Griffith.