U.S. Strategy in the Asia-Pacific Region

Professor Thomas G. Mahnken, Professor of Strategy, Jerome E. Levy Chair of Economic Geography and National Security, U.S. Naval War College recently visited the Griffith Asia Institute to present a seminar on U.S. Strategy in the Asia-Pacific Region.

He discussed enduring U.S. interests and objectives in the Asia-Pacific region and examined the threats to those objectives. Professor Mahnken also laid out strategic alternatives for closing the growing gap between ends and means, and concluded by describing the elements of a strategy for securing U.S. interests in peacetime while reassuring allies and friends and deterring potential adversaries.

Thomas G. Mahnken is currently Jerome E. Levy Chair of Economic Geography and National Security at the U.S. Naval War College and a Visiting Scholar at the Philip Merrill Center for Strategic Studies at The Johns Hopkins University’s Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS). Professor Mahnken served as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Policy Planning from 2006-2009. His most recent book is Competitive Strategies for the 21st Century: Theory, History, and Practice (Stanford U P 2012).

Professor Andrew O'Neil, GAI Director and Professor Tom Mahnken
Professor Andrew O’Neil, Director, Griffith Asia Institute and Professor Tom Mahnken