When Griffith business student Amy Adams visited Iran this year, it brought to 24 the number of countries the 30-year-old globetrotter has visited and experienced.

It is perfectly natural, therefore, for the Norfolk Island native to be doing a double degree in International Business and International Tourism and Hotel Management.

“I lived in Egypt for six months in 2007 and I would love to go back there. But there are too many countries in the world. I always try to get to a different country,” she says.

“I love learning about the world, learning about people. When you’re in another country, you’re soaked and saturated in the people and their culture. You’re out of your depth, out of your zone and you have to listen and watch and learn.”

Amy put a temporary padlock on her passport in 2009 to start a GBS double degree in Brisbane.

She had researched 30 universities but when she opened the Griffith University business guide she found exactly what she wanted.

“A double degree opens more doors and it’s only an extra year on top of a normal degree. I have too many interests not to do a double degree.”

Those interests have also extended to an honours thesis she is researching in addition to her fourth year double degree studies.

“It’s unusual to do an honours project in fourth year, and the workload is challenging,” she says.

“I think it comes down to being passionate about doing something. If you really want to do something, you can always find a way.”

She aims to complete her thesis by the time she graduates in mid-2013, and then finish the four course components of her honours degree by the end of the year.

All this while also a Senior Ambassador, a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society and a PASS (Peer Assisted Study Sessions) leader at Griffith University.

Research for her thesis has brought her face to face with the national manager of a multinational company where she pitched a proposal to improve the company’s efficiency.

“They were very receptive of an idea that seeks to help them. You never know how good an idea is until you put it forward and for it to be embraced was pretty amazing.

“What I’m proposing hasn’t been tried before. I had to show them opportunity unrealised. I’m asking questions that haven’t been asked before which will lead to new and useful information.”