The troubling reality of Southeast Asia’s ‘democratic recession’

Business and government
By Dr Diego Fossatiand Dr Lee Morgenbesser Griffith Asia Institute and the Centre for Governance and Public Policy The notion that democracy had triumphed over authoritarianism became an irresistible conclusion following the downfall of the Soviet Union. In what amounted to a historic transformation, 46 countries transitioned to democracy between 1991 and 2006. This process […]

On the road to sustainable success in Thailand

The five Griffith MBA students will contest the finals of the G20 Global Business Challenge.
Griffith Asia Institute
Congratulations to Griffith University’s 3rd Step Enterprises for making it to the semi-final of the The mai Bangkok Business Challenge @ Sasin 2015. The mai Bangkok Business Challenge was created in 2002 as an independent competition to foster entrepreneurship amongst MBA graduates in the Asian region. The semi-finalists are five Gold Coast-based MBA students, Andrew […]

Griffith University signs Letter of Intent with Thammasat University, Thailand

Professor Sarah Todd
Griffith Asia Institute
On Monday 29 September 2014 Prof Sarah Todd, Pro Vice Chancellor (International), Griffith University hosted a delegation from Thammasat University at the Gold Coast campus. The visit saw the signing of a Letter of Intent with Associate Professor Kammal Kumar Pava, Dean of Chulaborn International College of Medicine, Thammasat University. The Letter of Intent focused […]

Rock art plays important historical role

Rock painting of a ship at Djulirri with crew shown with hands on hips
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Rock art plays an important role in recording history, which otherwise would not be recoverable, according to Griffith’s Place, Evolution, Rock Art Heritage Unit (PERAHU) Director Professor Paul Taçon. Indigenous peoples in many parts of the world were fascinated by the transport that brought new groups to their traditional lands. At rock art sites and […]

Ford closures inevitable in fuel efficient world

Tight image of Ford logo on front of a vehicle
Department of Accounting, Finance and Economics
A researcher at the Griffith Business School has described Ford Australia’s closures, announced yesterday, as tragic but inevitable. Anna Mortimore says the importance of the international global shift towards fuel efficiency and low carbon emission standards does not appear to have been acknowledged, leading to short-term decisions that have ultimately exposed Australia’s motor manufacturing industry. […]