Are tax havens really all bad?

Business and government
By Pascalis Raimondos, Professor of Economics, Head of School, Queensland University of Technology & Sara L. McGaughey, Professor of International Business, Griffith University The recently released Paradise Papers have again turned the media spotlight on small tax havens. The only difference from last year’s Panama Papers is that the contracts leaked to the public are […]

Pacific Islands shine light on larger tax-haven fight

Griffith Asia Institute
According to Dr Anthony Van Fossen in an opinion piece for The Conversation, the role of offshore tax havens have come under increasing fire amid growing global concern over tax revenues, with calls for greater transparency from the recent G8 summit and the recommendation of international tax rules by the OECD in next month’s G20 […]

The Economist: Special Report on Tax Havens

Centre for Governance and Public Policy
On 16 February 2013, The Economist published a special report on Storm Survivors Offshore financial centres have taken a battering recently, but they have shown remarkable resilience. Professor Jason Sharman, Deputy Director, Centre for Governance and Public Policy contributed on the article by Matthew Valencia. ‘…. Nevertheless offshore finance has shown a “puzzling resilience”, confounding […]