Putting development first: Getting the most out of the Pacific ‘step-up’ on infrastructure

Business and government
A new report launched in Canberra this week, written by Griffith Asia Institute Adjunct Research Fellow, Dr Wesley Morgan, PhD Candidate, Rebecca McNaught from the Department of Business Strategy and Innovation, Sally Baker, Fulori Manoa and Jope Tarai argues that the Australian Government’s push to finance infrastructure in the Pacific must ensure positive and lasting […]

Get the Urban Squeeze from Griffith’s experts

Aerial photo of the Gold Coast, Queensland
Cities Research Institute
Griffith University researchers are set to deliver the Gold Coast a weekly dose of all things urban. Dubbed the ‘Urban Squeeze’, Dr Tony Matthews and Associate Professor Jason Byrne of Griffith’s School of Environment will feature on ABC Gold Coast’s Drive with Matt Webber to discuss anything to do with cities, housing, development and the […]