Australian foreign policy shift aligns with central banks capacity building program in the South Pacific

Department of Accounting, Finance and Economics
On 8 November 2018 Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that his “Government was returning the Pacific to where it should be—front and centre of Australia’s strategic outlook, our foreign policy, our personal connections, including at the highest levels of government”. This will happen at multiple levels, including defence, police, infrastructure loans and grants via the […]

Griffith University teams up with South Pacific central banks in ongoing research agreement

Business and government
Griffith University has signed three new Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) in recent weeks with South Pacific central banks, formalising the institutions’ commitment to work together in pursuit of positive, lasting change in the region. Griffith’s South Pacific Centre for Central Banking program convenor, Dr Parmendra Sharma, met with representatives of the Bank of PNG, Central Bank of Solomon Islands […]