Five minutes with….Rebecca Loudoun

Business and government
The health of a workplace is considered through many a lens: its operations, procedures, infrastructure, equipment and people (to name a few). In the broader sense, Dr Rebecca Loudoun’s research looks at how these aspects are managed. We spent five minutes with Rebecca to learn a little more… In what area/s does your current research […]

The hidden role of site managers: influencing construction workers’ eating habits

Centre for Work Organisation and Wellbeing
SNAPO indicators — a catchy acronym used in health circles for behavioural risk factors associated with cardiovascular and other chronic diseases:Smoking,Nutrition,Alcohol,Physical activity, andOverweight and obesity. A team of researchers, led byWOW’sDr Rebecca Loudoun, surveyed 186 workers on six new or refurbishing mixed residential, office and retail building sites operated by the same firm around Brisbane […]