Research partnership with NRL to improve sports participation

Griffith Enterprise
Research into sports activity in Australian children suggests that non-elite participants are losing interest in sport more rapidly and disengaging, not just from sport, but all physical activity. While the leading sports keep growing, their supporting communities are struggling. It once seemed the sporting fields of suburban and rural Australia churned out world champions at […]

“It’s like dealing with four year olds”: Age labels in a pro rugby league workplace

Centre for Work Organisation and Wellbeing
What happens when you infantilise the workers in a hyper-masculine workplace like a professional British rugby league club? Loughborough University’s (UK) Professor Christine Coupland discussed just that as a guest of the Centre for Work, Organisation and Wellbeing’s Seminar Series on Monday (30 November, 2015). Approached by the club’s director with a broad brief of […]

Is rugby league too dangerous?

Griffith Health
After Newcastle forward Alex McKinnon’s neck was broken in a lifting tackle in March, some commentators and parents have questioned whether rugby is just too dangerous to safely play. Griffith Health Institute's Professor Peter Milburn looks at the issue.