Is our rock art older than Europe’s?

The oldest scientifically dated hand stencil and rock painting of an animal
School of Humanities, Languages and Social Science
PERAHU (Place, Evolution and Rock Art Heritage Unit) has announced its discovery of the earliest minimum age for a hand stencil, found in the Maros region of Southern Sulawesi, Indonesia. On October 9 2014, PERAHU’s Maxime Aubert and his Australian-Indonesian team published an earth-shattering paper in the prestigious journal Nature, which revealed that the world’s […]

Rock art plays important historical role

Rock painting of a ship at Djulirri with crew shown with hands on hips
News articles
Rock art plays an important role in recording history, which otherwise would not be recoverable, according to Griffith’s Place, Evolution, Rock Art Heritage Unit (PERAHU) Director Professor Paul Taçon. Indigenous peoples in many parts of the world were fascinated by the transport that brought new groups to their traditional lands. At rock art sites and […]

Rock solid support for ‘crown jewels’

Griffith Centre for Cultural Research
A Griffith University unit dedicated to the protection of Australia’s rock art heritage has received a $10,000 boost and the Gold Coast donor wants others to follow his example. Leading Australian ophthalmologist Dr John Kearney was moved to make the donation after attending a lecture by Professor Paul Tacon, founder of Griffith University’s Place, Evolution […]