What’s hiding behind the trapdoor? Spiders, of course

PhD student Jeremy Wilsonew species of trapdoor spider.
Griffith Sciences
A Griffith University researcher has discovered several new species of trapdoor spider – and you’d never guess where. The mysteriously elusive creatures are hiding in most forests in Brisbane and are tucked away in national parks throughout the state. PhD student Jeremy Wilson recently returned from a mission with the Queensland Museum to collect new […]

Students praise Griffith marine biology teacher – and so does Australia

Dr Stevens has been awarded a Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning as part of the Australian Awards for University Teaching
Australian Rivers Institute
Dr Tim Stevens has taken marine biology at Griffith University to a whole new level. With the creation of a marine life identification app, a field course at Heron Island and a new innovative curriculum, he has increased student enrolments, improved student engagement and retention and facilitated graduate employability. In recognition of his dedication Dr […]