New online portal links Australia’s researchers

Professor Sally-Ann Poulsen in the laboratory
Compounds Australia
Griffith University has produced a major new online resource for Australia‘s researchers. The Compounds Australia Structure PoRtal (known as “CASPeR”) is an online portal providing access to the data of more than 50,000 different compounds and samples. Researchers can search for a chemical structure they believe will assist their work and the database will offer […]

Griffith’s women in science share their passion

PhD candidate Barbara Hadley is a finalist in FameLab
Australian Rivers Institute
Barbara Hadley has been a professional snooker player, a private investigator and a chief toilet cleaner in the Greek Islands. You name the job and she’s done it. But the 51-year-old has happily given it all away to return to university to study science. And it’s all in the name of “making a difference”. “I’ve […]