“Aww”: the new cute emotion

Griffith Sciences
A cuddly animal, an adorable baby or an endearing gesture from a partner — whatever the cute level, it is usually met with a reaction of “aww”. Now a Griffith University researcher has given new meaning to the response, suggesting it should be a new emotion. Professor Ralf Buckley, of Griffith’s School of Environment, highlights […]

Hurdles for conservation on private land

Headshot of Professor Ralf Buckley, International Chair in Ecotourism Research in Griffith's School of Environment
School of Environment and Science
Golden Lion Tamarins are endangered, occurring only in Brazil’s Atlantic Forests, which have been mostly cleared. However, many small patches of suitable tamarin habitat remain on privately owned land. In a paper co-authored by Professor Ralf Buckley, Griffith’s International Chair in Ecotourism Researchin the School of Environment, and Dr Fernanda de Vasconcellos Pegas, from the […]